Friday, June 12, 2009


Yesterday, I finally got around to pulling out the remaining bushes in the front garden: the bigger of the two hollys (which was a BEAR to get out of the ground), an azaelea, a rhododendron, and two dwarf alberta pines. I was surprised to see how much room they were really taking up! The garden looks much more open now and I am excited to reconfigure the remaining plants (and maybe add a few—I'm hoping to snag a few things from my mom's and cousin's gardens this weekend.

To start, I moved the two columbines from between the roses at the side of the house to the front, and grouped all the irises together. To temporarily fill in the space left behind by the bushes, I moved some hostas and euphorbia. Tomorrow I'll finish up moving around the existing plants and finding new places for the bushes. The holly will go in the back yard with its partner, and I'll have to play around with the placement of the others, somewhere in the front but certainly not in the middle of the garden where they were before!

Still no sign of asparagus, and it's been almost two weeks since I planted 'em. The broccoli seems to be doing well, as is the watermelon seedlings, tomato and pepper plants. Hopefully we can look forward to a robust harvest this year.

I should have photos to share tomorrow!

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