Tuesday, June 16, 2009


NOTE: You can click on any of the photos to see them enlarged and in more detail.

I missed out on Bloom Day (June 15th—Hey, I am a newbie at garden blogging!), but I have a lot of photos to share with you so I am going to get a bunch up in this post. Enjoy! Well... it is Bloomsday, at least!

Icelandic poppies

Hens & chicks

Mystery bush solved! It's a lovely weigela Florida! Thanks Kim!


An overall view of part of the front garden

Siberian Iris with Dianthus

The back garden is coming along, in all its shaded glory

What I like to call our Tomato Farm (along with some peppers)... we have nine plants this year of different varieties!

La la lupine

Foxglove love!

A zucchini seed I carelessly stuck in the asparagus plot just to see what would happen—it may end up being all by itself in there!

The broccoli has been doing well planted directly in the ground

The Woodland Garden, aka The New Hampshire Garden. All the plants here except for the violets came from my dad's place in Strafford, NH

Finally, roses, roses... they survived the onslaught of sawfly AND aphids! I only wish I knew what varieties they are. There are two different ones.

Happy Bloomsday!


  1. Oh wow... for a "new/young" garden, yours is already looking amazing, Amy! That shade garden in particular is going to be awesome once those plants fill in. Very fun that they came from your dad's garden, too. :)

    And I REALLY wish that you knew what those roses were--especially the one in the second last photo! (Don't even tell me that one is fragrant, too... my rose envy is already pretty intense. lol.)

    Oh, speaking of fragrance, your mystery shrub is (I'm pretty sure) a weigela of some kind. :)

  2. Kim,

    Thanks for your reply! I have to admit, not everything in the gardens is new. We moved in two years ago and the roses and all the bushes were there, as was the hostas in the front garden. The centaurea was all in the back gardens, as was a bunch of foregt-me-not PLUS all of the crazy spring bloomers -- the bulbs like tupis and daffodils. Everything else, though, are things that I have installed in the past year or so. I bought a lot of bargain plants at the end of the season last year, and they all came up nicely this year! :) I have come a long way, though, for sure... there's just so far to go.

    The roses are very slightly fragrant. :)

    I will have to investigate wiegelas and see if any are mine, thanks for the suggestion!

  3. It's kimmp from LJ. Your garden is gorgeous! I am quite jealous with having to settle with my apartment "gardening".

  4. Thanks, Kim! You're welcome to stop by anytime to have a look in person -- just let me know!

  5. It looks wonderful, Amy! I'd definitely like to stop by and take a look. Love the wiegela.

    The second rose could be the Dr. Huey that is used as rootstock for a lot of hybrid teas. Suckers from it often come up. Maybe not.

  6. You can stop by any time, Elizabeth! Unfortunately the weigela is starting to conk out, but yes, do come by!

    Hm, Dr. Huey? I wonder if you will recognize my pink roses (in the most recent post), too?