Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dig, dig, dig

I finally dug up a space for the three remaining Sugar Baby watermelon plants I had left. I also moved the few hosta plants I had in a sunny spot along the back fence into what I call The Woodland Garden which is really just the space beneath the weeping cherry tree in the corner. I'm also thinking of it as The New Hampshire Garden since just all the plants except for the the little violet came from my dad's house in Strafford—different varieties of ferns and hostas. I'm glad I moved them, filling in the space makes it look so much nicer! I just love how it is coming along.

We've also finally decided that the giant pussy willow (referring to the size of the fuzzy "buds", not the size of the plant—though it does grow up to 20 feet tall) will be planted in the middle of the back yard. It will be the centerpiece of another likely shady garden, with a sunny path surrounding it, and gardens surrounding the path at the perimeter of our property. I doubt it will all get done this year, more likely another year or two before it is fully realized, if not more. But it is nice to know that I have a plan, something to look forward to.

However, I am hoping that we can extend our patio out back this summer. That'll give us more room for chairs, maybe a small table, and more nice sunny spots for pots.

I need at least three lifetimes to do all I'd like...

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