Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where I Come From, Where I'm Going

Yesterday we paid an early evening visit to my mom, at the house where I grew up. She still has many gardens that she tends, so we took a walk around the property to see all that was out to see. I took a few photos—it was starting to get dark so I will have to try again another time for some better shots—but I wanted to show you from where I came, garden-wise.

I know everyone has hostas, but one of my favorite things in my mom's gardens is this GIANT hosta she's had for years now.

It's a monster! I'd have had someone stand next to it for scale, but no one in attendance yesterday like to have their photo taken, so you will have to trust me. This photo might give you a better sense of its scale, though.

Growing up, I never fully appreciated living out in the country. Mom and Dad bought the house and its 14 acres in 1974 for a bargain. The house had stood abandoned for years and there was no yard to speak of—everything was overgrown completely. But now I love that I always have home to return to... it is just gorgeous there.

Back at home, things are happening!

Yet another type of rose... a nice medium pink. This bush is growing right smack against a rose of Sharon a little ways down from the others. I don't dare try to move it, but I'd like to.

The tomato jungle is getting bigger and more unruly, and it's full of buds!

Look! Broccoli!

The veggie plot is doing very well. The thing I am most excited about is that... *drum roll please* an asparagus shoot made its way to the surface, and quite beyond, too! All the rain we're getting must have done the trick. And here I gave up on the asparagus. The shoot is located just near the middle of the three younger squashes in the foreground. Maybe if you click on the photo for a larger view, you'll be able to spot it.

Just a wee thing, but it's a good six inches out of the ground in just a day!

This is Bobby Peru, my yellow Peru pepper. I named him after the scary character in the film Wild at Heart, played by Willem Dafoe and some nasty fake teeth. My Bobby Peru really come a long way from the leggy fellow he was when I first transplanted him, and now he's got all kinds of new growth on his stem! A lovely plant who's not really deserving of his namesake. Behind him (to the right in the photo) is a chocolate habanero, and to the left is a salsa delight that already has a pepper growing steadily!

The watermelon is just coming along so nicely.

The Accidental Zucchini is going to be gargantuan. And I've got four more plants coming up that I don't think will have enough room... so much for doubting my in-ground gardening skills!

So much excitement, so suddenly. This is why I am addicted to gardening now.


  1. Wait, what in the world is a 'Chocolate Habanero'? That sounds awesome!

    Funny, but that part about growing up in the country? I could have written that, too. Only I didn't grow up with such gorgeous gardens--my Mom is just now getting into gardening, since all of us kids are finally out of the house and out of her hair. lol.

  2. I love that big chartreuse hosta. Did you take a piece of it to start in your own garden? You should.

  3. Kim, I guess it is just a brown version of a regular habanero. But anything with the word "chocolate" in it, I'll take! :)

    Eliz., we talked about me taking some when I was there, but decided that it would be quite a task and that we'd wait until the fall, when the plant has died back a bit. I will definitely have some in my gardens! :)