Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting Closer

I got a lot done in the gardens today, spending four hours moving things around. I still want to move some more hostas from front to back, and need to find places for the azalea and rhododendron, but everything else is looking good. Unfortunately, I was so beat by the time I did what I did that I didn't have any energy left to take photos! I will tomorrow morning. The front garden is really shaping up since I removed the bushes.

Sadly, I ended up yanking that one rose bush I got from the guy who gave me the free pachysandra. It was clearly, well... dead. Too bad, it had quite a large root and I thought it would do well. I wonder, if I cut it down to its base it might come back? It's already in a trash bag, but I could retrieve it. Maybe I will tomorrow, and put it in a pot and really baby it? Any ideas?

I staked some of the delphiniums that needed help, as well as the big columbine I transplanted to the front. Both that plant and the one I got from my dad's aren't looking so hot, but I'm confident they'll come back if not now, next year. *crosses fingers* They are magnificent plants.

I have renegade snapdragons! Tall ones, even! I don't know where they came from as they weren't there last year, but there are some in the front and side gardens. I thought snaps were annuals? I'll have to research that, obviously. I do remember when we first looked at the house in 2007 that there were some in the side garden, but by the time we moved in they died, and I pulled them out... hm. See, this is what I love about gardening. There's always a surprise to be had.

Still no asparagus sprouts, I admit I am a little worried that that experiment will not be successful. Everything else, with the exception of the one eggplant, is coming along nicely. The eggplant shows no signs of dying but has shown very little progress, either. The strawberries are getting bigger and have new leaf growth, plus one bloom and a runner to a new plant! That was exciting. I've been able to taste no fruit from those, though—the birds or whatever other critters beat me to it, so I must install some protection of some kind... my stepmom mentioned draping organza over them?

I'm quite tired but very satisfied with the work I accomplished today! I am sad that tomorrow is the last day of my vacation.

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