Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm back!

I returned from New Hampshire Sunday with buckets full of plants from my dad's land in tow. It was a great trip overall that included a visit to a local, small nursery in Madbury (I think)—Debbie, if you are out there reading, hello and welcome to the internet! Debbie graciously welcomed my dad and me to sit down under her arbor with some raspberry iced tea and good conversation, while I admired and photographed her own personal gardens.

Walking up to the house

Dad with the huge Angelica plant—astounding!

Dad and Debbie chatting under the arbor, and the rabbit hutch in the foreground

Dad let me have at the grounds around his house and dig up quite a number of plants! I came home with more ferns (including a really big one that I wrestled out of the ground), several peonies (I know you're supposed to transplant them in the fall, so we'll see how they do), a purple columbine, a fledgling clematis, lillies of unknown kinds or two, scented geranium...

Things are really taking off and I am seeing things coming up that I have forgotten what they are now... I need to hunt down the pot tags I saved from last year's plantings, and find a good place to keep all of them catalogued for future reference.

In the meantime, here are those belated photos I've been promising and promising from a couple weeks ago now. I'll be taking more in the coming days, really need to catch up! Enjoy! (I'm actually wondering if anyone aside from Elizabeth reads this?)

Mom's columbine bloomed beautifully for the first time in my garden this year. Lovely!

The roses totally busted out!

Bridal Wreath Spirea in full bloom

More irises reveal themselves

UPDATE: These are Penstemon digitalis, indeed. Thanks again, Kim! I have two of these and think they are gorgeous!

The new veggie plot, with several varieties of peppers, plus the odd Sugar Baby watermelon and the asparagus patch.

One of the lovely lupines! I saw these growing wild in huge patches on the sides of the highway in New Hampshire and Vermont... should have grabbed some (is that legal?)

The shade garden really starting to take shape, ever a work in progress


  1. About the only talent I have is ID'ing mystery plants... lol... the ones in your photo above are penstemon, probably 'Husker's Red' or a sport thereof.

    Those double-flowering columbines are gorgeous, as is the shade garden already! I'm so glad that you left me a comment so I could find your blog... I can't wait to see how your garden keeps changing. :)

  2. Aha, thanks! I do have the label somewhere... but our garage is a mess at the moment. :)

    Aren't those columbines beautiful? I got another variety from my dad, and I just got seeds for yet another from my aunt (my mom's sister). I think I am becoming a columbine enthusiast.

    I'll be moving more hosta to the shade garden, and I want to buy a few more things for it... don't tell my boyfriend...