Sunday, May 31, 2009

Notes to self (but you can read too!)

Yesterday I was busy, busy, busy! First a trip to Home Depot to pick up soil and manure (I really need to find a good farm source for this next year!), where I also picked up two more Astilbes (this time in a pretty antique pink) for the back plus two Delphinium for the front! It was nice to pick up four good sized plants for just $20. Then I found a giant pussy willow tree for $10, thinking it could go in the gap that allows us a delightful view of the neighbor's trashy little yard, but that got nixed by C., who thinks it would block out too much of the sun eventually, and/or eventually touch our neighbor's house. So it's back to the drawing board for that—one of the bushes on my list, which is fine.

I may end up returning the pussy willow since there's not really another place to put him. I wouldn't mind trying the front, but C. also nixed that idea (thought it would look too funny), and after some thought I realized it would probably end up blocking a lot of the sun I get for my front garden. *sigh* It's too bad, such a pretty little tree. Not to mention cheap!

Most of my time yesterday was spent enlarging the little plot we made last weekend. I more than doubled it (I think it is about 4 feet by 8 feet), and boy, was it a lot of work! I did well, though. Add some topsoil and manure and added two more pepper plants, plus a Sugar Baby watermelon (still have three seedlings left to put somewhere), as well as four asparagus crowns (six left). It's probably a bit crowded, but we'll see how it works. I can't wait to see the little asparagus sprouts poke their way through the soil! I read that it should take only about a week, so we'll see. I'm hoping that when I come home from NH next Sunday evening I'll have some surprises waiting for me.

It turned out to be quite sunny all day (and I have the sunburn to prove it), but in the evening we had quite a storm and lots of rain. I bet the new plants will love that. So far this year we seem to have good timing with Mother Nature helping out with the watering.

I still have so many photos to share but just haven't had the time to upload them. I plan to relax much of the day today, so maybe I will try to get to it later.

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