Friday, April 23, 2010

We Have Lettuce!

Holy moly! We have lettuce! Last night as I was putting away food from dinner before going to bed, some things caught my eye in the lettuce bed on the counter... that's right, lettuce seedlings of both types! Coming up like gangbusters! In three days, can you believe it?

I just had to share. Now we can have fresh lettuce of myriad varieties all year 'round! This is really exciting. Also, today our heating mat arrives, so hopefully we can get those other seeds that I planted on Monday going, too.

Nature just amazes me, completely and utterly.


  1. I was going to plant some lettuce seeds - outdoors - this weekend. We'll get a few more frosts, but no crushing snow at this point. I'm hoping to get four rounds of lettuce this summer (instead of the usual three and a half half).

  2. Sounds good! We'll plant some outdoors, too, but we had read that it can be done indoors with the right conditions, which we seem to have. I hope it works!