Friday, August 14, 2009

A Picture is Worth...

Here are some photos to accompany yesterday's post somewhat.

I'll start out with a comparison shot of the veggie plot. This first photo was taken on July 30th.

And this photo was taken yesterday. Those squash and watermelon plants have totally taken over—I feel so bad for the asparagus, for whom the plot was dug for exclusively in the first place.

Oh, and the hibiscus I overwintered for my mom actually bloomed! I had another one, too, but gave up on it a couple months ago thinking there was no hope for it. I should have waited longer...

Finally, shots of what's producing!

Here we have tomatoes (I forget which type at the moment, but this is our best plant this year).

And a Black Beauty eggplant!

A pepper! (Again, I forget which type...)

My pride and joy, sugar baby watermelon. The fruit now is probably just larger than a golf ball, getting bigger seemingly by the hour. This photo was taken two days ago and it is already noticeably larger!

Total garden love.


  1. What a cute little watermelon! Last year I had enough eggplants to preserve some. If you have extra, I found out you can salt then dry them (salt gets rid of the bitterness) then you can put it in soups and sauces during your long cold winter.

    Great garden!

  2. Thanks, Petaluma! We are having so much fun watching things grow. The watermelons are now bigger than softballs!

  3. Oh, silly me! I just realized that is you, Angelo! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. awww...cute baby melon :)

    You veggie garden looks exemplary- my tomato plants completely overwhelmed the cages and are sprawling all over the place. Yours look nice and neat like they are supposed to!